Advantages of Google Lens and Features

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What is Google Lens?

Google Lens is an image recognition software that Google released in 2016. The app was originally created to provide information about an object or object through visual analysis.

Google Lenses can be used to learn about an animal, plant, object or place using images. Simply put, Google Lens is similar to Google Search, but in the case of lenses, it is searched through images without typing to find any information. That means you can search with pictures on Google Lens.

Features of Google Lens There are

currently a total of 6 modes in the Google Lens app. Google lens modasamuha and their works are as follows:

atoh lens app open in front of the it will be scanned
translate any text on the camera pointed live translation feature can be used
teksatah picture of any text heard or copies can be
sapim a product online purchasing means Scanning the product or its barcode to find
homework: Homework to solve the problem Step by step
Dining: Scanning the menu of a restaurant and suggesting the most popular and best reviewed dishes. Tip and bill calculation can also be done by scanning the receiptare

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Google Lens App Download The Google Lens app

can be downloaded from the Play Store on Android phones. Click here to download the Google Lens app for Android phones.

On the other hand, there is no separate Google Lens app for iOS users. Instead, the Google Lens app feature can be used using the official Google app or the Google Photos app. Both apps can be downloaded from the App Store.

How to use

Google Lens Goggle Lens can be used in multiple ways. First of all, Google Lens can be used directly on the Android phone through the app. In this case, Google Lens can be used by entering the Google Lens app and selecting the desired mode. Images in the gallery from the app can also be scanned through the lens.

Pictures already on the phone can be scanned using Google Lens. This can be done easily with the Google Photos app. If you enter any image in the Google Photos app and tap on the lens icon, that image will be scanned in Google Lens. Similarly, images can be scanned from any app by tapping the share option and selecting the lens.

Google Lens features can also be enjoyed using the official Google app. In this case, Google Lens can be used by entering the Google app and tapping on the lens icon in the search bar.

Benefits of google lens

Google Lens Google Lens What is the rules of using Google Lens? Now let us know in which cases Google Lens can be used.

Scanning Barcodes top Benefits of google lens

Barcodes can be scanned using the Google Lens app. To scan the barcode on any product, enter the Google Lens app, place the camera on the barcode and tap the lens button to get the barcode information. There are also additional benefits to using the shopping mode in the Lens app for scanning barcodes.

Knowing the information in the picture

If you do not already have the option to scan the camera in your phone’s Google app, then you can also scan the pictures in the gallery. Any information in the image, such as plain text, barcodes, popular people, etc. can be found using the Google Lens app. To use this option, enter the gallery and tap the share button for a specific image. You can also enter an image from the Google Photos app and tap the lens button, but the image on the phone can be scanned through the lens.

Copying Text

from an Image It is easier to copy text from an image using Google Lens than to view text from an image. Open the Lens app and select the text mode. Then aim the camera at any writing and take a picture. Then select the text in the image and tap on the copy text, the text in the image will be copied. Similarly, text can be copied from any picture in the gallery using the lens app. One of the major Benefits of google lens is this.

Live Text Translation

Translation is one of the most useful features of Google Lens. Any text can be translated directly into more than 100 languages ​​using Google Lens. The funny thing is this work happens in real-time. This means that if you hold a text in another language in front of you, the text will be displayed directly on the screen in your comprehensible language.

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Google Lens basically does the work of live text translation using augmented reality and Google’s awesome translation service. This feature can come in handy in almost any situation. This feature is very useful especially when going abroad. To use this feature, enter the Google Lens app and select Translate mode.

Help with homework

Recently a separate feature called Homework has been added to Google Lens to solve math problems. If you enter the app and select the Homework tab and take a picture of any problem, Google Lens will tell you the solution step by step. However, this feature is currently only available in the Google Lens app for Android phones.

Learn about art.

Suppose you saw an art on the internet or in a museum. To know the story and other information behind this art, you can easily open the Google Lens app, place the camera towards the art and tap the lens button to know the beginning and end of the art.

Into Known about

additionally art animals and plants, detailed information about any kind of animals and plants can be found through Google Lens. By opening the Lens app and pointing the camera at any animal or plant, you can learn about that animal or plant.


to any text Any text in the image can be heard using the Google Lens app. This is done using Google’s voice synthesis software. After entering the Google Lens app, select the text tab, scan any article, text, postcard, etc., tap the listen button, and the app will read the text in the image.

Price of

a product and other information can be found through the Google Lens app. Open the app and take a picture of a product through normal mode or shopping mode. Then you will know the details about the product.

Hopefully you have a detailed idea of ​​what Google Lens is and why it is used, what the are Benefits of google lens . Do you use the Google Lens app? If you use Google Lens, let us know your experience in the comments section.

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