Xiaomi communications co ltd designed by Xiaomi is a well-known name in the Android smartphone market. With Huawei lagging behind due to the US ban problem, Xiaomi has now become the world’s almost unrivaled Chinese lifestyle brand. And widely used Xiaomi mobile phones use Xiaomi’s own custom Android skin. Xiaomi’s own Android skin is called MIUI (MIUI) which some people also call MIUI.

Having its own custom Android skin, Xiaomi phones look quite different from other Android phones. Let us know what is the core software of Xiaomi phone MIUI, history of MIUI, details about the best features of MIUI.

What is MIUI

Google is developing the original Android operating system. That original operating system is called stock Android. On the other hand, companies like Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi have used this Android as a basis to design Android’s custom skin or own ROM.  Xiaomi’s custom Android skin or Xiaomi’s own ROM is Xiaomi communications co ltd designed by Xiaomi MIUI.

MIUI looks a lot different from stock Android. Clean design and all the great animations will be seen in MIUI. Many say that Xiaomi wants to emulate Apple’s iOS through MIUI. However, the MIUI design or features are quite different from other custom Android operating systems or ROMs. It also has all the great benefits.

One of the major criticisms of MIUI is the spread of advertisements on the system. Since Xiaomi delivers their phones to the customers at a very affordable price, it compensates for the profit by displaying advertisements on the phone. There was a problem with displaying additional ads, especially on budget Xiaomi devices.

The extra advertising shown on MIUI was annoying to many. However, Xiaomi has reduced the number of ads on MIUI to solve this problem. Also, if a user wants, he can stop almost all the ads on the Xiaomi phone.

MIUI will be seen on Xiaomi’s own Xiaomi branded phones as well as their other sub-branded phones. MIUI Xiaomi’s sub-brands of Xiaomi communications co ltd designed by Xiaomi, namely: BlackShark, Redmi and Poco are also used as software in-brand smartphones.

Over the years, Xiaomi has won the hearts of its customers by providing regular Android system updates on MIUI powered phones. Although Xiaomi often launches new phones, the company also provides updates on older phones. However, due to the large list of Xiaomi brand phones, many devices do not receive MIUI updates, or even if they do, it takes a long time.

Currently, the latest version of MIUI is MIUI 12, which is based on Android version 11. MIUI 12 based on Android 9 or 10 can be seen on some devices.

Although the MIUI version is the same, not all Xiaomi phones have the same features. Again, the features of MIUI are different in Xiaomi’s phones from country to country. For example, Xiaomi’s phones sold in the Chinese market do not have Google services, such as Play Store, YouTube, Gmail, etc. However, in all other countries of the world, the official Xiaomi phone MIUI has Google service support.

The update of MiUI 12 has now reached many of Xiaomi communications co ltd designed by Xiaomi. It is rumored that Xiaomi has already started working on MIUI version 13.to see if your Xiaomi phone will get MiUI 12 update Click here .

How To Check MIUI Version – How To Check MIUI Version MIUI version of

If you don’t know the Android version of the Xiaomi phone, you can easily find out. To check the MIUI version of your Xiaomi smartphone:

Enter the phone settings from the notification center or app menu
, tap on About Phone.
Here you will see the MIUI version of
Xiaomi’s phone.
History of MIUI

I was surprised to hear that it was Xiaomi communications co ltd designed by Xiaomi’s first product. In other words, Xiaomi started its journey by creating software for smartphones, not smartphones at first. For this reason, Xiaomi is proud to introduce itself as a software company.

In 2010, the first official version of MIUI based on Android 2.2 Froyo was released. Xiaomi uses this software to persuade early investors. After securing millions of dollars in funding, Xiaomi launched its first smartphone, the M1, in 2011.

In the beginning, MIUI looked a lot like Apple iOS operating system. Just Apple iPhone as there is no app drawer in the iOS operating system used in the, so there was no app drawer in the early version of MIUI. Even now the app drawer is not enabled by default in MIUI, but it can be started from the settings.

Over time, Xiaomi has moved away from software design to look like iOS. With each new version of MIUI, Xiaomi communications co ltd designed by Xiaomi is introducing its success as a software company. As a result, MIUI’s popularity and acceptance with Xiaomi phones continues to grow.

MIUI Best Features

Every Android skin is quite unique. Samsung’s One UI has some features that OnePlus’s Oxygen OS doesn’t have. The same thing applies with Samsung’s One UI. MIUI is no exception. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of MIUI.

Focus Mode

Xiaomi communications co ltd designed by Xiaomi’s Focus Mode can help you to stay focused on any task, whether indoors or outdoors. It allows you to concentrate on a task by setting a specific time. When focus mode is turned on, all the features of the phone except the camera and dialer are turned off, which helps to complete any task attentively. Even if the phone is restarted, the focus mode does not stop. The use of focus mode can be very useful if you get a little confused while doing any work.

Control Center is

Inspiration iOS Control Center lot of shade and pour yourself alleges the Xiaomi notification. Swipe from top left to bottom on MIUI 12 to see notifications. Swipe down from the right again to see the Quick Settings panel.

M Share

Exclusive seem to hear the name of this feature for almost any brand of mobile phones Xiaomi this app works m. Photos, videos, movies or any document can be easily shared through Me Share.

Ultra Battery Saver

Xiaomi communications co ltd designed by Xiaomi phones have long been known for their remarkable battery life. Similarly, MIUI’s Ultra Battery Saver feature is very useful to increase the battery backup of the phone in case of emergency. It basically saves the phone battery at a significant rate by turning off all the features except some important features like call, message, etc. Turning this feature on turns on the phone’s dark mode, resulting in longer battery backup.

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