Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Sultan, the governor of Saudi Arabia’s northern border region, met with Bangladesh’s ambassador to the country on Monday (November 15). Md. A meeting of Jabed Patwari has been held.

Meanwhile, the Governor highly praised the economic development of Bangladesh in the last few years. Corona expressed satisfaction with Bangladesh’s economic success even during the epidemic and said it was very promising. He always kept abreast of the progress of Bangladesh.

Governor Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Sultan recalled Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s visit to Saudi Arabia in 2016. He hoped that the relations between the two countries would further enhance in the coming days in various fields including trade and investment. He wished peace and prosperity to Bangladesh.

Governor Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Sultan noted that there is a cordial relationship between the government and people of Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.

Many Bangladeshis are working in different cities of the Northern Frontier Province. Praising Bangladeshi migrants working in the region, the governor said he considers them his own people. He said it was his responsibility to help them.

He termed the relations between the two countries as spiritual relations. Praising the quality of Bangladesh’s international standard garment products, he said that he often sees Bangladeshi garments in European and American markets.

The ambassador told the governor that expatriate Bangladeshi businessmen were working to register their businesses under Saudi Arabia’s anti-trade privacy law. He hoped that Bangladeshi businessmen living in the area would get the opportunity to register their business without any problem.


At the time, the ambassador said. Mohammad Jabed Patwari told the Governor that Bangladesh is willing to cooperate with their experience and expertise in the 10 billion tree planting program under Saudi Arabia’s greening initiative. The Ambassador also expressed interest in providing suitable and tolerant tree saplings for the deserts of Saudi Arabia.

Highlighting the various places of interest in the northern border region, the Ambassador expressed optimism about the growth of tourism between the two countries through cooperation with the Sundarbans, Cox’s Bazar and various tourist destinations in Bangladesh. He also mentioned the exchange of cultures and traditions between the two countries.

The ambassador expressed his sincere gratitude to the Saudi government for providing free medical treatment and vaccinations to the affected migrants. Recently, the Ambassador expressed his sincere gratitude to the King and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia for vaccinating Bangladesh with 1.5 million doses of coronavirus.

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