polling agent duties and responsibilities

The polling officer is an essential responsibility during the election. Government first and second class employees are employed as polling officers. The role of the polling officer in a fair election is immense. Therefore, to maintain the transparency of the election, qualified polling officers have to be appointed. Today we will discuss about polling agent duties.

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what is the meaning of polling clerk/ officer/ agent
Polling Agent Duties
what is the meaning of polling clerk/ officer/ agent
One of the persons appointed by the Election Commission to supervise the polling during the election period is the Polling Officer. Returning, Assistant Returning, Presiding Officer, Assistant Presiding Officer are followed by Polling Officers.

The Polling Officer acts under the direction of the Presiding Officer. His responsibilities are determined by the Presiding Officer. The presiding officer has the power to expel him from the center if the polling officer neglects his duties. During the election, a list of government officials was sought for the appointment of polling officers in all educational institutions and government institutions. According to him, the election office appoints polling officers on the basis of merit.

Polling Agent Duties
Polling officers have to perform various duties during polling. These are:

A voter enters the first polling booth and goes to the 1st polling officer. He will look for the voter from the mark copy in his possession by looking at the voter slip and voter card. Voters need to identify that right.
After saying his name and serial number, the polling agents heard him. If all goes well he will mark the voter in the mark copy. And stain the tally sheet

The polling officer will then send the voter to the presiding officer to collect the ballot papers. The Presiding Officer will take the voter’s fingerprint on the ballot paper with the specific seal he / she has on each ballot paper. Then the polling officer has to put indelible ink marks on the thumb of the voter. So that the next voter cannot cast a fake vote. It is compulsory to stain indelible ink.

It is the responsibility of the polling officer to see that the voters are standing in an orderly manner at the center. He will take the help of the law and order forces at the center. It is the job of the polling officer to show whether the voters are in a place with comfortable shade. A polling officer will first identify the voter after entering the polling booth.

Match all his information with the voter list. Miller will see if there are indelible ink stains on the hands. If not, it will stain. And if there is a stain, the presiding officer will say it out loud. The Presiding Officer will then verify the voter’s serial number with the list.

It is the responsibility of the Polling Officer to ensure that sick, disabled, elderly and pregnant voters do not face any difficulty in casting their vote. It is also the job of the polling officer to prevent the polling booths from being crowded and to ensure one-by-one entry.

All preparations have to be completed before 8.00 am before voting. Identity cards provided by the Election Commission must be kept with you at all times during voting. Voters have to take care of all the advantages and disadvantages while voting. Proper management of election materials is required.

It should be noted that no more voters will be able to enter the polling station after 4 pm. Once the voting is over, it is important to check whether the election materials were taken from the polling booths before leaving the polling station.
It is to be noted that if any irregularity is noticed by any polling officer during polling, he will immediately inform the presiding officer. And act according to his decision.

In the end, the polling officer will do his best to ensure a fair election. Because the most important work of the center is assigned to him. Therefore, the election will not be fair just as the voter’s rights may be lost due to negligence in his responsibilities. So he should fulfill his responsibility while maintaining morality. I hope you are now aware of about polling agent duties accurately.

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