How to open islami bank account 2022 (Full Process)

Today’s discussion on Islami Bank Loan, one of the most popular banks in Bangladesh. As the bank operates in accordance with the Shariah, the acceptance of Islami Bank as a Muslim-majority country is comparatively higher for people of all walks of life. At present, the banks have come under government surveillance due to questions about the activities of Islami Bank. In this blog we gonna say about How to open islami bank account full process step by step.

What people do not fulfill dreams. One of which is borrowing. We take loans from time to time to build the dream house, to improve the dream business. And if it is from Islamic bank in Islamic way then it is different. Because many policies of Islami Bank are different from the traditional bank. Yes, Islami Bank Loan is different from other bank loan methods. Especially since the introduction of interest, people have been seen to be destitute by taking loans. Especially from the former peasant society moneylenders, zamindars.

He used to lose everything with his loan. As the economic condition of the society changed, so did the borrowing and disbursement of loans. One of the examples is Islamic bank loan. We all know that this bank is run in Islamic way. “Allah has made business lawful and usury unlawful.” Islami Bank is conducting its activities under this theme. So now one of the people’s reliance has become to take a loan from the bank.

Table of Contents
How to open islami bank account
Types of Islamic Bank Loans:
Islami Bank House Loan
Islami Bank Loan for Industrial Development
Krishi Islami Bank Loan:
Freelancing Islamic Bank Loan:
Real Estate Business Islami Bank Loan:
Business Islamic Bank Loan:

How to open islami bank account
So people do whatever it takes to fulfill that dream. We all have a dream home in our minds. As per the rules, Islami Bank in collaboration with you gives me house loan. You either quit your job and concentrated on business. But capital investment is struggling. Islami Bank will stand by you to help you with your business. So today we will discuss about the loan policy and type of Islami Bank.

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Types of Islamic Bank Loans:
Islamic Bank Loan System I am talking about different types of loans provided by Islami Bank.
Like other banks, there are various types of loans. The Islamic bank loans are:

1. Industrial Development Loan.
2. House loan
3. Loan to improve business
4. Agricultural loan
5. Freelancing loan
6. Real Estate Business Loans

There are various policies for taking such loans. Which is clearly stated by Islami Bank. If you want to follow the healthy loan method to fulfill your dream, you can take a loan by fulfilling these policies or conditions.

Islami Bank House Loan
If you want to take a loan from Islami Bank for house building or renovation, you need to guarantee at least two affluent people. If you want to save an old house, you can get up to 1 million from Islami Bank. And for the construction of a new house, you will get the benefit of taking a loan of up to 30 lakh rupees. House loan through Islamic bank loan is very popular.

The Essentials for a House Loan – If You Have Your Own Home
1. CS, SA, BS ledger must be shown.
2. Baya must show documents.
3. NEC must show.
4. DC R, Namjari Rashid and Khatian.

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Islami Bank Loan for Industrial Development
Bangladesh is currently on the path of industrial revolution. And in this way, various banks are helping Bangladesh’s industrial sector by providing loans. One of which is Islami Bank. New entrepreneurs are needed to develop the country’s industrial sector, and Islami Bank is encouraging entrepreneurs with loans. Because industrial development means development of the country. Islami Bank is contributing to the development of the industrial sector.

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Industrial loans can receive SME load from Islami Bank.
The conditions of acceptance are-
Trade license of the business you are doing.
NID card. And the required paperwork required by the bank.

Krishi Islami Bank Loan:
Bangladesh Krishi Bank was once very popular in providing loans to farmers. But now Islami Bank is one step ahead in this regard. Agriculture is the mainstay of a country’s economy. Therefore, all government and non-government organizations have to contribute for its development. On the other hand, the main occupation of Bangladesh is agriculture.

As educated entrepreneurs are now moving towards the agricultural sector due to advanced technology, ways are being provided for agricultural expansion at the marginal level. The documents required for this loan are-
N ID card. Documents of the land for which you want to take a loan. On the other hand, show the experience of those who want to invest in agriculture in a particular field. For example: mushroom cultivation, special crop cultivation etc.

Freelancing Islamic Bank Loan:
Islami Bank is offering freelancing loans to the young generation on the new profession of freelancing by providing loan opportunities in almost two years. Nowadays freelancing has become quite popular among the youth. In this case, Islami Bank, popularly known as Freelancing Loan, provides loans to help you invest and buy the necessary equipment.
Here are the documents you will need for a freelancing loan:

Must have an account with Islami Bank. Real estate deed with a market value of at least 1 lakh rupees and necessary paperwork. Also, if you have proof of freelancing license. See also How to Learn Freelancing in Bangladesh 2022 Full Guideline

Real Estate Business Islami Bank Loan:

In recent times, various businesses have emerged in the field of business in Bangladesh, among which the real estate business is a lucrative and popular business. This is signaling a new direction in business. As a result, banks have made arrangements to provide loans in this sector. So that you can improve the business sector of the country by expanding your real estate business.
Here are all the documents you will need to get an Islamic bank loan:
Must have an account with Islami Bank. Documents related to business and business partners. Land related documents.

Business Islamic Bank Loan:
Business revolution is taking place in Bangladesh. The contribution of entrepreneurs is currently undeniable. That is why Islami Bank is helping these entrepreneurs in their business. You can take a loan from Business Islami Bank to improve your business. Required Documents-
You need to show the documents of your business organization. You need to show your business trade license. You have an account and NID in Islami Bank.

Banks contribute to the overall development of the country. Islami Bank is one of the top banks in the country. The bank is helping in the economic development of the country by providing loans. Islami Bank’s lending policy is different from other banks because they claim that their institution is interest free. So if you want to take a loan following the Islamic method, you can take an Islamic bank loan.

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