Types of Computer Viruses and History

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What is Computer Virus
History of Computer Virus
Naming of computer viruses
Types of Computer Virus
What is Computer Virus

A computer virus is a type of program that spreads through copying that interferes with the normal functioning of the computer. The word became a biological virus from the Latin word (poison) virus. Computer viruses behave similarly to biological viruses, saying these programs have not been identified as viruses.

Computer viruses cannot express themselves without a computer. Vital Information Resources Under Seiz (VIRUS, Information Resources under Seize) is found by breaking the virus in computer language. Viruses damage computers in many ways. However, if you do not run a virus-infected or carrier program, the virus can do no harm to the computer. If a virus comes in direct contact with a computer, it is likely to be infected.

History of Computer Virus
History of computer viruses and the advent of computer viruses in the 1950s. The first to explain the virus was a scientist named Fred Cohen. Some computer scientists started playing with viruses in the 1980’s. In 1970, Xerox Corporation developed a Self-Replicating Code for network systems. This code enables programmers to create new viruses. Computer viruses are usually created by big programmers.

Thanks in this post you have already read the history of computer virus. All that remains is for you to know about the types of computer viruses, their naming history and 7 Cybersecurity Tips To Keep You Safe. Let’s read the rest.

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Naming of computer viruses
VIRUS- Vital Information Resources under Seize. Renowned researcher Fed Cohen on computer viruses. Named. Virus programmers usually do not name the virus. When antivirus programmers scan a computer with an anti-virus program, they identify the virus by name. The virus became known by name. There is an agency for naming viruses. This organization is called Anti-virus Research Organization CARO.

You already have a good idea about naming computer viruses. Now you will know the details about the types of computer viruses.

See also Read About DMCA ignored Hosting in Netherlands . Types of Computer Virus Different types of viruses are observed in computers. Computer programmers (evil programmers) are constantly creating new programs. Depending on the type of computer attack, the virus can be of different types. E.g.-

Macro Virus
File Infector Virus
Trojan Horse Virus
Brain virus.
Program Virus
Command Purpose virus
Overwriting Virus
Stoned virus.
Companion Virus
Boot Sector Virus
Partition Sector Virus

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