Social Media And The Impact It Has On Our Lives

As a social media user, I have been quite vocal and vocal about the impact of this platform on our daily lives. From how it plays out in my life to what it can do for me or others around me, here are just a few things that have happened as a result of being a content creator on social media.

For myself personally, Social Media has made me a better version of myself because in today’s world, people want us to be better. A lot of times we work extremely hard for a career and people like to compare themselves to you and your accomplishments and achievements, but in reality, when they look at all of that stuff online, it is most likely you will come across those who didn’t. That makes you feel less accomplished than you actually are and then once you realize what you lost, you get mad at yourself even more for not showing it off more…

Also, I am a writer. My writing skills have improved significantly over time through reading books on many different platforms including YouTube, TikTok, Quora, Reddit etc. This kind of exposure helps improve your writing and your overall creativity. Also, the fact that there are millions of views per video in comparison to an article only gets shared 100 times is amazing though. So in terms of what I think about the role of social media in improving my creative mind, for now, it is a huge factor that is helping me with getting published into new publications and getting noticed online.

Then along the way, social media is a wonderful place to find like-minded individuals and see what types of friendships and relationships exist in those communities. Nowadays where everyone wants someone to follow their friends on Instagram and Snapchat and TikTok, this may seem strange, but it actually works out perfectly. If a person follows one other person, who you would think would be interested in them, it would also put their name out there and people would be able to connect with each other if they were interested in doing so. Then once those connections are established, it creates a whole community within that group in which everyone feels comfortable bringing up topics that they might not talk to someone else about. Which in turn helps build trust and builds stronger social connections between people. In addition to that, I have found that there are usually at least two, sometimes three people doing something together in every single post that has ever happened on social media. People make some really cool posts that surprise and entertain because they wanted to share something great with someone. There are groups on sites like Facebook that share ideas and tips for people to become good writers. For example, I have seen groups on Fiverr such as “how to write a book” or writing blog posts about your day or even making money because you are struggling financially and looking for ways to do it without spending too much of your time. When talking to people online, you may find someone who shares similar interests as you, or maybe you are dealing with a certain type of situation and they can relate. Either way, sharing is caring!

There are multiple other places in the internet where people discuss ideas amongst themselves. Many sites allow comments on articles, you can even create pages of people you might know, like pages with people who share similar interest and goals. These kinds of groups are vital to having successful and meaningful relationships online. One thing that allows these groups to continue to grow and thrive in a positive manner is when some members of their own community get involved in discussions, they can expand the discussion to other groups within social media, creating bigger and bigger discussions for future years. Again, these sites are very effective when building communities and helping people form genuine bonds that could go far beyond their local circle.

Now that we have talked extensively about how Social Media does affect people in general, let’s talk about specific examples from my personal experience. While it seems counter-intuitive to be a part of something that causes people to question or doubt their self-worth, I’m here to tell you that it is completely normal and you should be proud of yourself for going after your dreams. Even the worst moments of failure aren’t always failures but rather lessons to help you take steps forward while still staying true to your beliefs.

A couple months ago, I had a client who told me she was going back to school to obtain her Master’s Degree (PhD) in Business Administration. She stated that she saw no real reason why she couldn’t have a job with top companies, but in reality, she was living paycheck-to-paycheck. Instead of giving up and shutting down, she decided that if she did find herself back at square one, she would take one small step at a time. With a little bit of time and persistence, she eventually got back by starting a business called Smart Home Organizer, Inc. Now, after putting her first year back to college behind her, she says she hasn’t looked back. Not only did she achieve her goal of achieving a degree but the company has grown since being founded, and is currently employing hundreds more members than before!

Another instance was when a woman came into my office saying that she found a dead body in our office. We asked the cause, she said it was the smell of urine from cleaning supplies. However, when I examined the room thoroughly, I couldn’t find any traces of pee. I proceeded to ask her whether she thought she could be connected to either foul play or an accidental murder. Without hesitation, she confirmed both scenarios. Sure, I did not think anything of that at first, but in hindsight, her response to the situation was incredibly wise. Although she did suspect foul play, she could have at least considered another explanation, such as that someone used a cleaning spray to remove a bodily fluid. Or perhaps there was a natural disaster going on, and someone accidentally left a wet cleaning kit on the floor. Regardless of the circumstances, she probably should have considered those ideas before taking action and causing so much damage. Luckily, she took a closer look at the case and realized that a leak from one of the bottles she was using could have caused it. After taking the necessary precautions to ensure that nothing more happened, she explained that she was certain she would never use another bottle again because of the odor from the cleaning product. Well, almost certainly, she was right!

As you can see, there are many cases in which I have witnessed excellent results through following simple strategies. Whether you are working to help your child have the perfect grades like mine, or you simply want to start your own home organization business, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and let me make sure you are on track for success!

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