intitle:”my blog my wordpress blog” site:. (Awesome Skill)

If you are searching for intitle:”my blog my wordpress blog” site:. then you are in the right place. Can you tell me why actually you searched this. What is the login to search about this. Ok we can guess something. Lets start on about this (Awesome Skill) here.

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intitle:”my blog my wordpress blog” site:.
My Idea about the keyword
intitle:”my blog my wordpress blog” site:.
About the word in this heading you have searched online but still you don’t know what’s this. Actually i also didn’t know what’s this.

In the meantime you have gone to confusion. right? Its real. Nothing serious. I have found the keyword in my search console of this blog. After found this i deeply started thinking on it. And after i have found something different idea.

My Idea about the keyword
Hey, this is actually nothing serious here. First make sure that you have good idea about types of keyword in google. There are two major types of keywords are broad match keyword and “exact match keyword”. You have seen that i have added the symbol called “Apostrophe” while i written exact match keyword.

The major and interesting subject is that why apostrophe came here and why the word is intitle:”my blog my wordpress blog” site:. right? ok lemme discuss more.

If someone create a WordPress site. After creating the site if he/she add the site/blog in google search console. And then he appoint to curious about the blog indexing matter. He thought that is indexed or not yet. For the reason he search about the keyword.

You might have one more question about this why should right my blog my wordpress blog as. I would like to say u by simply this is default WordPress site tagline.

After creating a site in WordPress platform or install a WordPress blog the default site tagline is called my wordpress blog.

We hope that you have now understand why people actually search the keyword intitle:”my blog my wordpress blog” site:. in google. Thanks for your valuable time staying with us. Stay good and healthy.

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