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Online classes are a popular concept these days. We have been noticing the use of technology in education for a long time. However, due to the recent increase in the incidence of coronavirus, all educational institutions in the country and abroad were conducting their educational activities relying on online classes. Classes were taken according to the convenience of both the teacher and the student in the online class. Because online classes can be done anywhere just by connecting to the internet.

What is online class?

Online classes are about conducting educational activities through the internet. An online class is a study of a class from a platform through the internet at home. Zoom, Meetings, Facebook, YouTube etc are very popular nowadays as online class platforms. Teachers of different schools, colleges, madrasas and educational institutions take classes on these platforms. And students are also benefiting from it.

Online classes require a desktop, laptop or any of the 10 versions of an Android mobile phone. Usually online classes are taken on specific subjects of different classes. Maybe a teacher takes online classes on his own initiative. Or he takes classes under an educational institution.

Online class materials:

In this day and age, we all know what it takes to take online classes. I have already said what it takes to take an online class. Now I will analyze them separately.

Device: You will need a desktop, laptop or Android phone to take or take online classes. With which there will be internet connection. You will need a microphone and a webcam.

Desktop / Laptop or Phone: Through these devices the teacher will be able to communicate well with his students and take classes. And students can properly study the desired subject online. Because through these devices it is possible to join the class through the internet.

Webcam, Mike: Webcams can be set up with laptops and desktops to take classes directly from the camera. But if you take a video call class with a mobile phone, you don’t need a web cam anymore. In that case taking or doing classes is a little inconvenient. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

When the class is taken it will be recorded through the mic and passed on to the students. If you are a student again, the mic will be useful in case of any question. Because without the mic the student’s speech cannot reach the teacher. So the mic is an important device for online classes.

Online Platform: By online platform we mean YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, Meetings, Google Duo etc. Basically, classes are taken through these platforms. Through these platforms the student-teacher interacts directly. So Internet platforms are important for online classes.

Space for online classes: Although it is said that online classes can be done from anywhere. In fact, it is best to set aside a secluded clean space for the class. Because if the teacher is taking classes from a noisy place, it makes it difficult for the students to understand. Again, taking classes from unclean and messy places will ruin the teacher’s impression on the students. On the other hand, being a student and taking classes from a noisy place will make it difficult to understand. So it is important to have a clean, secluded place for online classes.

What is taught in the online class:

The teacher decides in advance what to teach for the online class by preparing all the materials. If a teacher takes ninth-tenth class. Then you can take classes in Bengali, English or any subject based. At the beginning he knew which of his students had more difficulty in any subject.

School and college teachers get the responsibility of teaching specific subjects from the institution. So they teach it. And if a teacher is not under any organization, then the subject that he will teach is already known on his social media or acquaintances that I will teach this subject. If anyone is interested, such a date can be added to such a platform in such a short time.

Online class fee

Whether a teacher wants to teach for free or paid depends entirely on his decision. If he wants to take paid classes, he can take classes directly at Zoom, Meeting or Dew with payment from the students beforehand. Again, if you want to teach through video, you can open a YouTube channel and read through it. He can teach for free through video if he wants. In this case students do not have to pay him directly. If he wants, he can earn money through the viewers of his channel by launching Google AdSense. However, in this case, there should be more subscribers and more views of the video.

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How to get an online teacher student

Being an institutional teacher does not make it difficult for him to recruit students. But if he is not an institutional teacher then he has to recruit students. One thing that can be said here is that ‘propaganda is spread’. That is, he preaches about his class in different places. Like Facebook, Instagram informs, acquaintances recruit students.

And if he reads well, if he reads with relevance, he will surely get students quickly on YouTube or other platforms. So it depends on the quality of his teaching.

How to do online class:

I have already said that online platforms are essential for online classes. Through these, student-teacher reunions take place. So students need to be included through any online platform. If you want to know something through an online class, the only way to get involved is to-

Unacademy: This online platform is a good medium for learning. Demo classes for many teachers are available here. Classes can be done by downloading the Unacademy app.

YouTube: YouTube is currently a great e-learning platform for learning. Course based teaching is done through experienced teachers in different channels. Students can search for the class they want to read and find out what they want through videos from the playlist.

Udemy: Udemy is an e-learning platform where courses on various subjects can be purchased. Students who like his course can buy the course that the teacher likes. And can learn by watching videos through the course.

Zoom live Meeting: If you want to learn from a teacher through direct contact, you can take a class in a zoom meeting with him. In this case you have to contact the teacher first. And at his appointed time and with the ID given by him, the students can enter the meeting and take the class.

Website: Many teachers have their own websites. Where he uploads his subject-based readings. Students search on Google according to the subject they want to learn, it comes. And by keeping a bookmarked website you can follow up on the series readings there.

Google Duo: It is a medium on everyone’s phone, laptop, desktop. Through which classes can be done by connecting directly with the teacher. In that case I want the permission of the teacher. If the student has done paid class then the teacher himself takes him to his duty. The student must have a mail ID similar to the zoom meeting for Dew.

Facebook: Facebook is currently not just social media. Rather, it has become an educational tool! Because here different teachers take their important classes live. So the student can find out on Facebook according to the teacher’s choice or the subject he wants to learn

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Harmful aspects of online class:

Every subject has its advantages and disadvantages. Online classes are no exception. Prolonged online classes can cause migraine and eye problems in many people. Also, wearing earphones for a long time and doing classes is harmful for the ears. So we will learn the subject of choice, but we will do it routinely without harming the health. So that both our sides are protected. In addition, with the advent of online classes, many students are failing to focus on book-based reading. So not long online classes.


Technology is a blessing in our lives. Online classes are his example. Now through online classes we can do and do classes sitting at home. Difficult subjects are getting easier through online classes. Now it is possible to take lessons from experienced teachers at home free of cost. So it is safe to say that technology is a blessing in disguise, and it is our duty to ensure its proper use.

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